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small penis syndromeHaving a small penis is medically known as the ”Small Penis Syndrome”, a condition that doesn’t attend to this subject relating it to the actual size of a man’s genitalia, but the psychological, social, mental and emotional consequences that the belief of having a small penis appear in his life.

The mistaken conception that a the size of a man’s penis influences his sexual abilities or his fertility are only misconceptions, because there is no medical proof of these two beliefs. It is merely a method of undermining someone’s pride and self-esteem. Throughout the years there are many phases and situations men have to cope with, starting in childhood and actually never ending if the man doesn’t realize that the size of his penis doesn’t matter at all.

Bad Locker Room Experience

Probably the first encounter with penis-size jokes is in high school, at gym class. Boys tend to look at each other in the locker room and the ones more confident in their masculinity often make jokes and cruel remarks on the other ones, considered not so lucky. The fact is, that the penis size in erection has nothing to do to the size in normal state. Most men have a small penis in normal state, but due to an increased amount of skin around their penis, it can enlarge up to 3 times bigger. And when bigger boys bully you in gym class, it gets hard to build up self-confidence.

Sexual Anxiety Disorder

Sexual anxiety disorder is the most common condition a man with a ”small penis” suffers from. The fact is that most men have average size penises, but they are not aware of this, due to 2 reasons: – pornography, which has its own place in the global culture. Actors featuring in porn movies are usually selected from that small 10% of men with large penises, and they are often under the effects of medication which helps get a bigger and longer-lasting erection. – the rejecting attitude of women and their tendency of gossip. Women are also proud and like to talk about their sexual experiences, and are sometimes judging based on appearances, but the truth is that no woman will refuse a man with an average, or even a small penis, as long as he offers love, comfort, stability and romance in a relationship.

Inverted Narcissism

Taking things beyond sexual anxiety disorder, some men can end up suffering from inverted narcissism. This is a dangerous conditions, because their self-esteem and man-pride reaches levels so low, that they think of themselves as objects instead of human beings with a mind and soul. Since they believe their manhood was taken away by having a small penis, they believe women around only use them for a secret agenda instead of liking and loving them for who they are.

Depression and Rigidity

A man with a small penis will often feel depressed and discouraged by the mass opinion about the size of a penis. They tend to close up on themselves and refuse to talk to anyone about their concerns, because they believe it’s shameful. This could not be further from the truth, because it can lead to rigidity and actual sexual problems. A psychologists, your own doctor or even a true friend will be honest enough to tell you if there is something wrong or if you are suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which means your perception of your body is distorted.

All these things left unsolved and not discussed about can lead to severe depression and even suicidal thoughts. It is important to deal with any type of medical condition, whether it is of anatomical, physiological or psychological nature in order to solve it and lead a normal, healthy and happy life.

Do You Want A Bigger Penis?

how to enlarge your penis

Let’s face it, all men want to feel and act as tough macho’s. Most men thrive on a daily basis to improve their “manliness” and act by going to the gym, cursing on the road, having a huge ego and many more examples. The reason for all of this is quite simple – self confidence. Men usually thrive and live on their own confidence and work hard to avoid any possible disturbances to it. Although all of these factors are definitely important for a man’s self confidence, there is one factor that many men are worried and disturbed about. This factor is their penis!

Are you curious about Penis Enlargement?

I know I am, there are a lot of ways to add an inch or two, to your penis. The easiest way is to use a penis enlargement device. I will review four of them on this page. Quality and comfort are the most important thing to remember when you buy a penis extender device. Start extend your penis today and get a bigger confidence!


There are 4 leading penis enlargement devices on the market today.
We have: SizeGenetics, Male Edge, Phallosan and Jes-Extender.


So… which one are the best then? I did a lot of research on the Internet about the devices and a lot of guys recommended SizeGenetics. They are running an offer now: You can try for free and if you don’t like it you can have your money back within 180 days! So I thought ”well I have nothing to lose” Remember, you don’t get an inch or two over one night. I used it for 3 month and now I’m 1.5 inch longer and some improved girth. My goal are 1.8 or 2+ inches. Join in on live gay cams now.



sizegenetics penis enlargement

SizeGenetics are the best selling penis enlargement device today. 17 years on the market, started back in 1995. And it’s the called the ”Ultimate Comfort System” The one device that will fit every penis form and size. 16 different ways to use SizeGenetics. Remember you will use the penis extender for a while daily and you want to feel comfortable with it.

SizeGenetics has a certificate ”authentic medical device” and are endorsed by doctors all over the world. You can see and feel the quality of the device when you have it in your hand. 180 days money back guaranteed.

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Male Edge

MaleEdge Penis Enlargement

Male Edge guaranteed that your penis will increase by an average 28% in length and about 19% in girth. It’s a comfortable device to use like the SizeGenetics. It’s an affordable penis enlargement device and recommended by doctors. They offer a double refund if you are not happy with the result of your penis enlargement. The price are low too, only €129 / $179. and ships world wide.

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Jez-Extender Penis Enlargement

Jes-Extender have been on the market over 17 years, 1995. It’s one popular male penis enlargement device. Help growing your penis by an average of 28% and its medically documented. Where it often and you can grow more then 28%. It was invented by doctors back in 1995 and have now over 500.000 satisfied men all over the world. Offers a 200% money back guaranteed.

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Phallosan Penis Enlargement

Phallosan more then 10 years of experience, it’s the world’s only vacuum penis enlargement system that will enlarge your penis and penis head (glans). It’s a painless device that can be worn up to 12 hours, even when you sleep. You can wear it like a invisibly stretch belt under your clothing. Perfect device if you want a bigger penis head too. Best glans enlargement on the market.

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Are Generally All Penis Stretchers The Very Same?

Life would likely end up being a whole lot simpler if they were however unfortunately this isn’t the situation. Pick up the top ten penis traction devices off the Internet and you’ll soon find out that their method to penis enlargement is not completely the very same.

Exactly How Do Penis Enlargement Work?

In basic, penis traction devices are created to apply traction force to the corpora cavernosa inside your penis leading to cells to be able to split apart and also duplicate. Because these cellular structure build up this makes it possible for the penis to be able to maintain more blood, increase in size by inches, achieve harder erections, minimize premature ejaculation and also even reduction penile curvatures.

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